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A few may even have considerable experience with horticulture

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Delivery – R $ 13 – Boa Vista –

Let’s enjoy home-made food?
Make your order, the cheapest delivery and the best pasta in town. We guarantee you will not be able

Meat 2uni por 13,00
Chicken 3uni por 16,00
Cheese and ham 4uni por 22,00
PIZZA PANCAKES unit 8,00 real
……. Portion of rice ➡4.00

LASANHAS (meat and chicken)
Tam P 25,00 (serves 2 people or more)
Tam M 35,00 (serves 4 people)
Tam G 50,00 (serves 6 people)
Tam Gg 70,00 (serves 8 people)

MACARRONADA ➡ (meat, corn, olive, bolognese , and mozzarella)
P- 20,00
M 35,00
G 45,00.

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