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Kitchens: Unforgettable memories

Posted on by dorickitchens

We all have recollection of memories created in our kitchen. From the morning cup of tea to the festive meal for the whole family, a kitchen is a place where we spend most of the time. Thus it is really important to design them with a great attention. A modular kitchen with pre-built cabinet parts is one of the most cost effective ways to design a fully functional compact kitchen. Below are various ways to shape your dream kitchen at budget friendly price.

The shape plays a vital role in both the usability and space utilization of the kitchen. The general rule is to have refrigerator, hob, and sink not placed too far apart, and have them form a triangle so that everything is accessible. Placing the refrigerator at the entrance also allows you to put the fruits, vegetables, and milk directly from the shopping bag to the refrigerator and lets other members in the house have easy access to the fridge.

Parallel shape modular kitchen

The Dorick parallel  kitchen layout divides the kitchen into 2 parallel counters. Dorick’s parallel kitchens with this design are small and efficient, containing all essential items and appliances near you. Dorick kitchens make the best use of every square inch of space, and there are no troublesome corner cabinets to configure.

Straight shaped modular kitchen

Dorick single-wall kitchen plan is ideal for smaller homes. In this layout all the storage, cooking and washing areas are designed along a single wall. Dorick kitchen is the most common type of kitchen found as it is easy to fit in any type of planning and does not affect the aesthetics of the house.

L Shaped modular kitchen

Dorick L-shape kitchen has two planes meeting to form a 90 degree angle. This plan offers flexibility in the arrangement of appliances, storage and uncluttered counter space. Dorick design works well because it allows for traffic flow and workflow around the island. It allows for more than one cook in the kitchen making it perfect for bigger families.

U Shaped modular kitchen

Dorick U-shape kitchen prevents kitchen working traffic and also provides three walls of storage with a huge counter space. The  Dorick U-shaped kitchen layout is a useful and versatile layout for a small, medium or large kitchen. Like the L-shaped kitchen, it allows for more than one cook in the kitchen, thus making it perfect for larger families.

Therefore, before you go out to buy various components of your kitchen, make sure to pay attention to these aspects and design a dream kitchen for your home. At Dorick, we allow you to customise even the modular kitchen according to your requirements as we understand that needs vary from customer to customer. Dorick specially cater to the needs of an Indian consumer and use the best quality material at affordable prices.

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