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Parallel Kitchen

The parallel kitchen layout divides the kitchen into 2 parallel counters.It is the most efficient layout when it comes to meet the basic needs of cooking.

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Straight Kitchen

Single-wall kitchen plan is ideal for smaller homes. In this layout all the storage, cooking and washing areas are designed along a single wall.

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L Shaped Kitchen

L-shape kitchen has two planes meeting to form a 90 degree angle. This plan offers flexibility in the arrangement of appliances and storage.

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U Shaped Kitchen

U-shape kitchen prevents kitchen working traffic and also provides three walls of storage with a huge counter space.

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Island Kitchen

The Kitchen Island is a functional and necessary addition that fits over all design of space.

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G shaped Kitchen

The G shaped kitchen is a version of the U shaped Kitchen layout, with a same amount of counter space and storage options that surround the cook on three sides.

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